Big Decisions

Our family has made the huge decision to teach our kids at home, otherwise know as HOMESCHOOL!!!  We have spent many hours/days/months pouring over this life change and what it will mean for our family.  Our eyes are weary of scouring blog posts, watching You-Tube channels,  and reading facebook comments.  Our ears are ringing with all kinds of information, after listening to podcast upon podcast and other seasoned homeschool mom and dad advice.

We want to make the right choice.  We want to pick that perfect curriculum.  We want to be prepared.  As every mother or father does,  we want the very best school experience for my kids.  We want them to love to learn and to be well-educated.  We want them smiling and anticipating the next lesson.  We want them to be happy at home and love the choice of being homeschooled.

There may be other mothers or fathers who are thinking of beginning their own homeschool adventure.  We want to tell you it IS possible.  It will not be perfect.  We are not perfect, but we will do our very best to love and teach our kiddos and raise them to love others, love life, love learning and above all love God.  I want to share what I have learned along the way in hopes that it might help you.

Let’s begin this adventure!

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