School Is Out

Yesterday was the girl’s last day of public school.  It has left me with a mixture of emotions and I’m sure the girls felt this too.

We love their teachers.  I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful they are.  They knew just the right things to teach each of our daughters to help them grow as little people.  There are some really precious teachers out there and God has given these teachers such a special gift to share with our youth.  I’m so glad my daughters got to experience this gift.

The girls and I love the sweet friends we have made.  There have been some really treasured ones.  We are hopeful these friendships will continue as we all live close to one another and we are looking forward to summer fun and good times in the future!

As we end this chapter, we are sad to say goodbye; to say goodbye to teachers, friends and simply a life as we knew it.  We are thankful for the memories that have been made, and the experiences we have had.  Change is hard, but we are so, so EXCITED to begin our new adventure!

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