Where did the time go?……

We started homeschooling in August!  As you can see, I haven’t posted a single entry since then.  I didn’t even visit this site once.  Busy does not even remotely describe my life since then.  Here I am, Christmas break, reflecting back.  I am supposed to stay in bed because my daughter wants to bring me breakfast.  I think about all the things I need to be doing, but yet here I sit because I want to encourage sweet acts of kindness.  You see, I’ve learned to appreciate the little moments, to really enter them and savor each one.  So, I will sit here, waiting, and delight in the gift of bacon and eggs being delivered.  My other sweet daughter is curled up next to me.  She has her little laptop and is keeping me updated on all the cards she is winning as she immerses herself in Reading Express.    So here we sit, together.  I listen to the chatter downstairs, take in the smell of bacon, the warmth of snuggles and I am truly thankful for this life that is being lived.

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